Watch Jinmi Abduls, Oxlade And Joeboy Steal Hearts In Video For ‘Jowo’

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On their earlier released collaboration, Jowo, Jinmi Abduls, Oxlade and Joeboy, stood as the holy trinity of love, serenading their listeners and attempting to woo their lovers with their mesmeric vocals and irresistible charm. This month, with intention and polished strategies, they return with even more power to sway in the Dammy Twitch directed video for the fan-favorite single.

The synergetic trio is seen exercising their charm in a party, taking center stage in each verse. Jinmi Abduls leads the group with what results in a successful wooing session, followed by Oxlade whose performance is as succinct as his input, and Joeboy, the ladies man who is unable to keep his infectious vibe from spreading and is seen playing host to the subjects of his wiles.