Jinmi Abduls Explores Life, Love And Lust On Three-Track EP ‘Little Lagos’

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Jinmi Abduls has enjoyed years of being our favorite lover boy. With singles like Tinuke Eko, the Oxlade and Joeboy assisted Jowo and Iyawo Jinmi, among a long list of other love songs powered by his charming persona, he has fully settled into an appreciable character as one who has matters of the heart on lockdown. So, it comes as no surprise today that Little Lagos, his three-track latest is a sound and story expansive EP that finds him branching out in laudable and as usual, heartwarming ways.

As much as Little Lagos draws its title from Abdul’s city, it is an EP that appreciates many facets of the singer’s life: love, lust, and career. In a way that we’ve never seen, Jinmi Abduls performs with the kind of vocal and vivacious stamina that can only be inspired by evolution. He has had years to explore and experiment with his range and Little Lagos reads as he has finally found a niche, outside of his lover boy persona, he can settle in.

Bena, the introductory track, a love song rich in percussions places Abdul’s voice on a pedestal from the get-go, revealing his undeniable and unmistakable affinity for soul-searing music. He begins to hint at growth on Trina, on which an Amapiano inspired instrumental speaks to his ability to blend mainstream dictates with his experimental range. Finally, the captivating narrative on King Amo and Martinsfeelz assisted Soke, casting him in a vulnerable light serves as the crème on the cake, not only dictating his desires but revealing his advancement.

Little Lagos is a metaphorical title, gripping upon realization and vast enough to offer a wide view into Jinmi Abduls’ evolution.

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