BOJ Joins Joey B In Summery Video For ‘Cool Down’

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Earlier in the year, Joey B revamped the Ghanaian rap scene with his critically acclaimed single, La Familia, which came right before he delivered a stellar verse on Fuse ODG’s creatively conscious Cool Down. With no time to waste, he takes another shot at nonconforming and reinventing on another hard-hitting single titled No Waste Time.

Enlisting the help of BOJ whose special brew of Afrobeats is the perfect fixture for the experimental track, Joey B confidently goes to town with his feelings for the track’s muse over reverberating instrumentals complemented by heavy bass drums. While Joey B is really chatty in his loose but charming delivery, BOJ opts for a more sonorous approach that makes the hook and chorus the best parts of the otherwise corny track.

In the accompanying Directorrqa-directed video, the compatible duo takes their infectious feelings to the beach which provides them with the best backdrops for their confessions.

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