Johnny Drille Paces Album Release With Emotive ‘Bad Dancer’

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Johnny Drille recently took to his social media to announce the completion of his upcoming album set to drop early in the year following the successful release of Mystery Girl, the first single off the album. “Five years of labor of love and here we are, my precious baby is about to be birthed.” The album announcement has since sent his fans in a frenzy, brimming with excitement and eager anticipation which he tempers today with yet another emotion-packed single, Bad Dancer.

As the highlights in his brief but sturdy discography have, Bad Dancer showcases Drille’s penchant for declarative writing, fervent melodies, and live instrumentation, resonating with everybody’s yearning for a pure undiluted kind of love.

Bad Dancer, which is self-produced by Johnny Drille himself, casts him in the light of a music maestro comfortable with wearing his heart on his sleeves. This is evident in the way he declares to his muse that despite being a terrible dancer, he is willing to go the extra mile to earn her love.

A heartwarming piece, Bad Dancer is perfect for this season’s theme and as a pacesetter for the release of Drille’s debut album.

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