Joyce Olong’s Shekels is as comforting as a mother’s hug

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21 year old Afro-fusion act, Joyce Olong’s journey with music dates back to her pre-teen days when she started writing and learnt how to play the piano. With the passage of time, she has also learnt to produce and attempts to fuse a wide range of genres including Reggae, Motown, Country Pop and Afrobeat when creating music. Olong’s new single, Shekels sees her deliver in the same laid-back and relaxed fashion we see on her preceding single, Gold and this time she is backed by instruments like regular drums which provide the bass line of the song, trumpets in the introduction, a keyboard and sitars which give the song an Indian feel at some point.

Over the four minute track, we are treated to Olong’s soothing voice in what is a fusion of Afrobeat, R n B and Jazz as she asks questions about violence’s legitimacy to sort out disputes and urges the use of words instead. Olong will definitely get people listening with this record.