Joycee Awosika: Utilising Nigeria’s Resources with Skincare Brand, Oriki

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Joycee Awosika Founder of Oriki

With the passing of time Nigerians realise the importance of producing everyday commodities, utilising Nigerian resources, in Nigeria and for Nigerians.

Joycee Awosika quickly took to the opportunity in 2011 to create the natural skin care luxury brand Oriki. After her first visit to Nigeria, she left her career and family behind to get a headstart in the Nigerian cosmetics business.

Grapeseed oil, coffee, banana, burdock root, are just a few ingredients fuelling the Oriki, all-natural business. The ingredients are solely sourced in Africa while the products are 100% made in Nigeria. Accompanying the good-feel products is their luxury spa and men’s grooming parlour located in Lagos.

In an interview with the Tony Elumelu Foundation, she explains that the natural resources and opportunity here in Nigeria was just too good to pass up, especially since Nigerians have taken little notice of it. She said:

“I couldn’t help being impacted by the evident abundance of human and natural resources. Nigeria is a colossal gold mine that has been largely untapped and I felt a connection to the potential that could be explored.

Beauty manufacturers and corporations around the world exploit the natural ingredients grown in Nigeria and other African nations yet there are very few proudly indigenous brands that compete globally.”

Just like other social enterprises, her business makes sure to give back with the Oriki Foundation. She promotes the indigenes, much like the rural farmers, from where her ingredients come from.

The Oriki brand stands as a link in good Nigerian commerce and beauty regimens.

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