Juls Unites Different Worlds On Tay Iwar And P-rallel Assisted ‘1985’

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Juls has made a name for himself as the Producer whose rich fusion and projection of neo-Highlife with other African rhythms afford his listeners an escape into other dimensions each time his songs come on. His latest, 1985, a springy ode to his life, is proof of this except this time, as he bows out of 2020, his special sound branches out to other ones just as interesting and invigorating as the original.

Powered by Tay Iwar and p-rallel with choppy but sonorous input from Juls himself, 1985 is a mix of old school afro-funk, disco, RnB, and soul, sounds strong and sweet enough to get you moving. Juls believes his time of evolution is here and 1985, a metaphorical reference to his future is the gateway to the new him. It precedes his upcoming album and hints at the direction the project will take.

Just as catchy as the xylophones and mesmeric keys Juls paints the single with is Tay’s blankety delivery, one that’s slowly gaining mainstream traction due to his contribution to Wizkid’s Made In Lagos. p-rallel meets expectation, sealing Juls’s intent to merge multiple worlds with a performance that’s a perfect appendage of Tay’s.

1985 is more than an origin story but a union of different worlds and an insight into the future.

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