Juls makes a comeback with Santi and Tiggs Da Author on ‘Maayaa’

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Lately, Juls has been introverted with his releases, but more strategic and laudable than his recent whispery presence in the industry is the purposefulness rife in each of his recently released tracks. From Saa Ara which borders on his Ghanaian heritage to Sister Girl with Wande Coal which highlights his versatility, he has intentionally widened his scope while delivering premium content. This week, he goes back to basics with another Hiplife, Highlife and Pop love centred hybrid titled Maayaa for which he combines Santi’s Rastafarian strength and Tiggs from Tanzania’s Hiplife inflected vocal prowess to deliver feel-good vibes and inspire swayful movements in line with the song’s rhythm.

Maayaa is more than the average throwback track released to inspire nostalgic feelings, it’s a bridge that merges the gap between the concrete nature of sounds from the past and the flexibility of present-day sounds.

Juls continues to prove that he’s not the average Afro-House Singer in search of a tag. Instead he wears it like a Crown and ensures that his personality rhymes with his sound – a feature, impressively present in all his songs.

Listen to Maayaa below;

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