July Drama’s Latest ‘No Comma’ Brims With Confidence And Hope

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As impressive as July Drama’s transition is in the industry, the emotional upheaval that occurs on each track he releases which in late 2019, cumulated into an unfettered ten-track debut project, Tryst is even more remarkable. Perhaps a result of his many talents, this ability to control moods with his sounds and vocals places him on a pedestal in his shadowed corner in the music industry. This month, without fail, he proves to be a charmer on No Comma, on which we become familiar with the extent of his confidence.

Confident and confidential”, the three words that open the single are indicative of July Drama’s blossoming life as an artist which he breezes through, hopeful and cocksure of his future over a sprightly mix of drums among other synthesized percussions.

July Drama manages to meld an array of sounds from different eras into the midtempo single, giving it a universal quality and increasing its chances of being an all-rounder.

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