Kah-Lo Debuts Solo Single The High Energy And Colorful ‘Exit Sign’

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For the past three years, Kah-Lo has probably been one of the the most important performing Nigerian artists who has found success away from the core Nigerian industry. This has culminated in a Grammy nomination and a slow burning success from Rinse and Repeat on her first solo single, the adversely titled Exit Sign.

From the start of the track’s pipey EDM influenced percussion instrumentals, Kah-Lo dips into her usual cheeriness and infectious energy as she goes for the kill; a very successful attempt to get her listeners on their feet with the track’s uptempo and intense lyricism.

There is nothing terminal about Exit Sign as it carries the weight of a massive club hit better suited for high energy and rambunctious environments. For a solo debut, it does well in indicating Kah-Lo’s evolution and super solo strength.