Kah-Lo Marks Her Entry With Debut Album “Pain/Pleasure”

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Grammy-nominated Nigerian singer-songwriter Kah-Lo has emerged with full force in her long-anticipated debut album Pain/Pleasure through Epic Records. The album comes after the release of hit singles Runaway, HD Woman, Karma and find$.

In this new album, Kah-Lo relates her career experiences, documenting both bitter and exciting moments. For Kah-Lo, the latest album is all about retribution, as she delves into the story of confronting and overcoming those who have offended her, notwithstanding the obstacles encountered in her thirst for pleasure. The album aims at forging a desirable identity for the songstress as she touches on improving self-esteem and learning to be assertive, all themes that have taken the centre stage of her career and romantic life so far. Clearly professing self-love and female empowerment, the album is fuelled by Kah-Lo’s unfettered lyricism and groovy, aesthetic production.

The album comprises fourteen tracks, all of which have their respective concerns. Tracks like Unbothered and the titular track Pain/Pleasure focus on toxic relationships, while Kah-Lo boasts of respect on My Name and GD Woman. Kah-Lo’s Pain/Pleasure strikes a balance between her sassy, often cutthroat attitude with her sensitive, honest storytelling.

In Pain/Pleasure, Kah-Lo pushes her feminist agenda through the use of jaw-dropping, thematic music video accompaniments. From telling her tale of greed and glory with her femme-fatale inspired fund$ to the choreographed dance patterns of Karma and edgy biker visuals of GD Woman, Kah-Lo’s daring and effervescent persona is evident.

Kah-Lo’s career-long music influences, which include Afrobeats, R&B, as well as house and dance-pop beats, are drafted into her latest album as she embarks on a journey as a solo artist while showcasing her vocals and songwriting abilities. With her genre-bending approach, she occupies a frontal position as the representative of a new wave of African electronic artists.

Encapsulating Kah-Lo’s resilient and robust spirit, Pain/Pleasure comes off as an authentic body of work. The album reveals many layers of Kah-Lo from her tough, seemingly carefree exterior to her weak, vulnerable interior. Although Kah-Lo remains a party-starting queen, her artistry offers more, this time around her debut body of work revealing the sensitive soul behind some of the crooner’s hits.

Out on September 8, 2023 and available across streaming platforms , Kah-Lo’s Pain/Pleasure summons fans to share in the pain and pleasure that has characterized her career.

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