Kahlo and Riton connect with Sesan for Ginger

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As far as collaborative duos go, Kah Lo and Riton are in a league of their own. The Producer- Artist dynamic particularly works in this scenario as Riton’s 20 years experience in the EDM scene provides the sufficient repository of knowledge upon which Kah Lo’s sound is then built upon. Their latest work, Ginger is dedicated to a stellar night out.

The duo link up with Sesan Ogunro for a Joburg video.

Speaking to Complex, Sesan said

“A few months back, I travelled around Johannesburg, and we went from the posh areas of Sandton down to the slums of Soweto. Throughout the journey I witnessed and experienced a mixture of cultures, people, textures, sounds and scenarios. Whilst in Soweto, I met these fun and peculiar set of guys that called themselves Skhothane—these were guys and girls that dressed very colourfully and had an equally vibrant lifestyle to boot. I saw how they live. I saw them dance and decided I need to showcase this in a video. The ‘Ginger’ video seemed perfect and once I played them the song and put them in front of the camera everything came alive.”

Watch the video below and feel the ginger

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