Kanye West’s ‘Ye’ Album Is Putting Burna Boy On The Map

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Kanye West's Ye Album Is Putting Burna Boy On The Map

Kanye West has been one of the most spoken about people in the media over the past six weeks. That’s exactly what happens when Ye decides to come off his social media breaks ahead of upcoming work. Considering GOOD Music season is this summer with projects from Pusha, Kanye, Teyana Taylor and Kid Cudi, you can understand his desire to return to his most trusted marketing tool, Twitter. Rolling out his 8th studio album, Ye, on June 1st has led to big wins not only for Kanye but unsurprisingly Burna Boy.

Kanye’s album title, Ye, is also the title of one of the most successful songs off Burna Boy’s most recent album, Outside. The release of Kanye’s album is now without a doubt leading to more bags for Burna Boy as listeners continue to stumble on his material while in the hunt for Kanye’s tape.


Burna’s sound being primed to go international naturally is a topic we’ve always had and he just may have gotten the right look to help him continue to garner supporters in the West.

These tweets from some fans are all the proof you need that somehow the Burna Boy gospel shall be spread.


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