Kida Kudz Pays Homage To Freestyle Culture On Three Pack ‘Jiggy Pack’

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Mirroring his 2019 trajectory with divergence stemming from his utilization of more experimental sounds, Kida Kudz closes 2020 with a three-track pack, Jiggy Pack which finds him pushing boundaries, taking away from his focus on alternative rap.

A product of the freestyle culture he’s been building this past year, Jiggy Pack opens with a solemn number, Lock Jaw produced Youngpurrp. Over persistent synth percussions paired with a mix of classic drums, Kida Kudz digs into the recesses of his memory to dispense a rhythmic story of his come-up, in short, an introspective session that banks on the great vibes he emanates each time he seizes the mic.

No I.D is the more upbeat cut that bridges the sound and narrative gap between the first and last track.

On Feel Myself, Kida Kudz makes sure to leave a piece of the old version of himself, the confidence driven one that we’ve become accustomed to. Wrapped in his corny feelings, is Kida Kudz ‘s regular boastful foreword, one that reminds us nothing much has changed, even as he brings the versatile pack to an end.

Jiggy Pack is in short, a small but succinct tent with many diverse approaches to the life and times of Kida Kudz, an apt closer to a volatile year.

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