Kidsfrmbaghdad Leverage Awareness And Sonic Rarity On ‘For Rag3rs Only’

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Kidsfrmbaghdad is a Nigerian alternative music duo that propagates music that delves further away from the mainstream style and rendition of the Nigerian music scene. With different genres at their behest including Rock, Pop, Lo-fi, Distorted trap, Cloud trap, Alternative hip-hop, and the likes, they label their sound as Polymathic, signaling their versatility. Having a very subtle yet remarkable underground presence on the Audiomack and SoundCloud platforms, they release their latest EP, For Rag3rs Only in which they explore issues that transcend from youthful vanities to intrinsic self-conscious reality.

The project embodies the unique blend of distorted trap, lo-fi, psychedelic trap, and conscious rap styles that gradually cascade from upbeat flows to soulful sounds which help portray the story of youth with an affinity for the pleasures of the society but is at loggerheads with his innermost man and self reality. The duo tag the EP as a near poetic documentary of what most youths in their generation go through in their everyday life and provides even ground for understanding the perspective of young adults.

Kidsfrmbaghdad shares For Rag3rs Only after a collaboration with Wade under the Black Gypsy Unit track, The Complex. The duo boasts of an infatuating discography of previous releases exclusively on Audiomack and hints at more releases later this year.


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