Lamii Embraces Multidimensionalism on New Project ‘Signs and Wonders’

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Many times, we see artists go with unfamiliar genres of music in the bid to achieve commercial success. It’s typically an artist going full afropop and abandoning the elements of their artistry that have gotten them as far as they are. As Lamii releases Signs and Wonders, his new project, he embraces being a multidimensional artist creating afropop with heavy fuji influences.

Lamii spends tracks like Keep on Rocking, and Ja!  enunciating on his motivations, being a rockstar and bringing a good time wherever he goes but still takes some time to talk about the struggles to live daily Nigeria on Talk of the Nation. We also see loverboy Lamii as he teams up with Buju on Orijina Lady and on the Shalom Dumas assisted Feeling.

The 9 track project features Buju, TITG, Shalom Dubas and Yoshii with the project’s production coming from TITG, Toyin Ores and Yoshii.

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