Larry Gaaga Offers Optimistic Outlook With M.I and Efya On ‘Hold On’

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Of recent, social media, once a haven for its users from all the things going on in the world has become the main display for everything wrong. It has caused many of us to reimagine our media diets and prioritize taking breaks where possible. On Hold On, Larry Gaaga’s latest release alongside M.I and Efya, the idea that the work will not be in vain is the message. While the record is primarily focused on attaining individual success, it could also serve as a metaphor for the battles we are tasked with daily.

Efya, who sings the chorus offers optimism that change is coming over and success is attainable for everyone over a low-tempo beat while M.I reminisces the road to success and how that has informed the version of himself we all experience today.

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