Laycon Highlights His Versatility On ‘Wagwan’ And YKB-Assisted ‘Fall For Me’

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Taking a break from the edginess of classic Hip-hop, Laycon spirals into a new phase clouded by hybrids on his just released single pack, Fall For Me, assisted by YKB and Wagwan, both of which speak to his multi versatility and hint at a turn towards a career high.

Much more easy on the ears and sapid than the up-tempo, Wagwan, the Semzi produced Fall For Me, a synth-pop and bass medley gives us a bird’s eye view into Laycon’s alternate universe, one in which he exists as a lover boy with romantic sensibilities strong enough to alter minds, a power he shares with YKB whose infectious hook and chorus serves as the heady bit that switches moods.

The Finito produced Wagwan features the sides of Laycon we all know, hustler, entertainer and prophet. “The money will look good on me, even in this economy” and other bars like it, is a prelude to the prophesies he holds for his future. It also prefaces the barrage of gloating that comes after the anthemic chorus.

Fall For Me and Wagwan are surefire ways for Laycon to hit a new career high.

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