Limbo Accra, the Ghanaian art platform reimagining Accra public spaces

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Accra is currently undergoing a massive urbanization project, therefore, leaving a vast majority of buildings in a state of ‘limbo’ thus rendering them incomplete and unable to deliver creditable offerings to the environment they are set in. The area of East Legon, particularly has many of these incomplete buildings.

The need to re-invent these buildings led to the birth of Limbo Accra. Founded by Dominique Petit-Frère and Emil Grip, the art platform is dedicated to the re-imagining public spaces in Accra. The first exhibition involved an art installation in East Legon containing several rooms that have been arranged and set up through the different views of local artists, designers, and cultural critics. Petit-Frère worked with local talent like Serge Attukwei Clottey, David Alabo, Patrick Tagoe-Turkson, and Adjoa Armah, among others.

Petit-Frere continues to use her exhibition to encourage young artists to more imagination about what cities of the future could hold. She said, “We want to change the narrative from being unused/unwanted sites to hubs for innovation and coexistence.”

Have a look at the breathtaking series below

For more pictures in the series go here 

Photo Credit: Ofoe Amegavie & Anthony Comber

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