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The queens of unsolicited opinions on this week’s episode of ISWIS are hot on sage wisdom. After the usual initial catch-up on Jollz’s fitness journey, brimming tensions between Brandy and Monica and the unrelated impressionability of legacy actor, Pete Edochie, both Jollz and FK  settle on dishing out much-needed advice on our “plethora” of relationship issues.

The Love in Lockdown Episode addresses relationship dynamics during the pandemic with a review of relationship stories sent in from their rapidly growing audience. With the frequency of a freight train, these tried and trusted Twitter Coven Feminists, read accounts of how familiarity can breed either contempt or comfort, the tomfoolery of sexual liberation for African women, and the general inconsistencies in relationship issues.

The major spoiler is that there may be another lockdown in certain regions and that the month of December does not currently hold any promises of “Dettiness”. We are all encouraged to be decided in our intentions, to carefully choose who to give our attention to, and to live our best lives. Get to understand what “Disney expectations” are in a relationship, how wicked women are made, and how to be more vocal with your relationship “requests” in the episode below.

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