Lojay Highlights Artistic Prowess on ‘Moto’

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After a slower run last year, compared to the successful release of LV N ATTN in 2021 and the cross over success of Monalisa, Lojay marks a return with another attention-grabbing, sweet song Moto.

Produced by Lojay and The Elements, Moto reminiscences a poisonous romantic situation fondly. He speaks of a time he would have done anything to ensure his partner was happy. But now he is left with glimpses of her with another man, sending well wishes to her while he cries in his moto.

The visuals follow the story beautifully. Directed by the talented Des Gray and assisted by Creed Life, it documents the beginning of the love story with loving gazes and promises. The close shots invite us to the intimacy of their relationship. Lojay uses the idea of moto as his refuge and perhaps it represents how both romantic and literal journeys start off with excitement and the possibility of disaster at the end.