Loti And KD Tap Into Each Others Strengths On Joint Debut ‘Sins & Scenes’

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Since the start of the year, Loti and KD have been inching towards explicitly showing off the weight of their partnership, the latter as a budding Producer driven by well researched and refined experimentalism and the former as a singer with the vocal strength and finesse of a talented charmer. Following the release of two of their collaborative efforts, they welcome us into a dimension they’ve taken time, energy and passion to adorn and fortify in form of their five-track EP Sins And Scenes and by all indications, it’s a dazzler well worth the wait.

Opening up with KD’s heavy pipe percussions on Real Life, the eclectic duo waste no time in attempting to sweep us off our feet with bawdy but at the same time charming lyrics that speak to their dexterous abilities. The rhythmic single fused with a syrupy closer from adé morphs into similar tracks including personal favorite Time Of Our Lives, a Dancehall tinged allusion to their lives as yearning youths assisted by Buju and the earlier released Realer.

Loti and KD are every woman’s dream charmer and every man’s inspiration on Sins And Scenes, a fusion of lusty narratives that serve as the perfect foundation to real-time utilization of their sleek words and sounds.

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