M.I Continues Journey To Upcoming EP On Kauna-Assisted ‘The Warrior’

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Over the past couple of years, M.I has rolled out a handful of projects in tandem with his growth as a Rapper. On A Study On Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl, the Rapper went to war with his emotions over a span of introspective tracks assisted by industry elite. However, on Rendezvous, a studio album released before A Study On Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl, he went back to basics, reveling in the power of his trademark flow on a variety of relatable and alluring subjects.

It’s 2019, M.I has stepped down as CEO of Chocolate City Music, led his formidable team on Martell’s Cypher and engaged in ‘Rap Beefs‘. Clearly, he has evolved and on Tribe of Judah, his coming EP, he wishes to reflect this. He starts this journey with a single titled The Warrior.

Assisted by an upcoming soul train driver powered with sonorous vocals named Kauna, M.I tells the well-worn story of his journey to the top and how fear has been a big determinant in his journey. Reminiscent of previous collaborations inspired by like  the 2 Baba assisted Nobody, The Warrior draws it’s uniqueness from Kauna’s soulful delivery and M.I’s undeniable fluid fusion with both the track’s chorus and it’s bass-driven instrumental produced by M.I himself.


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