M.I Replies Vector On Metaphorical Diss Track ‘The Viper’

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As far as Rap Beefs in Nigeria go, M.I’s response to Vector’s earlier released Tetracycling on The Viper is going down in history as a prototype for Rap Beefs. A carefully constructed expository, M.I employs the use of metaphors, his knowledge of industry beef and a concrete soundscape driven by heavy bass riffs that give credence to each of his punchlines to seal his intent – which is to completely neutralize Vector’s stance.

In his cool and collected state, M.I weaponizes his words as he throws jabs at Vector, dissing his professional and personal life all while maintaining his integrity as a superior force and ‘higher authority’.

According to M.I on the 5-minute long track, The Viper is only a compassionate delivery to get Vector to budge and not a ‘lashing’ which is exactly what the diss track sounds like.

Stream The Viper here.

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