Mannywellz Lays Marker For 2020 In Artistic Video For ‘No More’

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Mannywellz’s passion for music and extraordinary work ethic is palpable and usually the cornerstone in each of his projects, the last being the Meta EP, an outstanding body of work created in 3 days. Running on the amazing energy fused in the 3-track EP, he sets the pace for 2020 with the video for No More, the first of his ‘holy trinity.’

For the dramatic artsy video which plays into his subconscious, the source of the introspection which is the percussion-driven track, Mannywellz teams up with Samson Binutu who provides him with the organic colorful backgrounds that bring the former’s story to life.

The video starts out slow but as the tempo rises, so does Mannywellz’s mood and before we catch the last glimpse of the ornamental final scene, he proves what an amazing performer he is, steeped in the way he switches attitudes in about 3 minutes.


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