Marvy Tells an Amazing Story about Life with ‘Never Enough’

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Marvy has her idiosyncrasies. They are the essentials that are positioning her as a Nigerian artist to watch out for in the diaspora. Her artistic prowesses in songwriting, recording and performing songs distinguished her from her contemporaries.
She has a distinctive voice and she has also mastered the craft of interweaving her lyrics and messages with the vibe and melodies of any beat/instrumental she’s recording on. This time she jumps over a beat by Tesla and recorded a song she titled Never Enough.
The song can be categories under the Afropop genre. It is a melange of different emotions that reflect the realities at the disposal of every man. Marvy’s performance on Never Enough is commendable. The song is rich lyrically and sonically. It has many quotable lines and that’s the thrust of the song.


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