Melvitto And Gabzy Showcase Sleek Synergy In Dramatic Video For ‘4 Nothin’

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Ever since they got wind of his special brew of percussions which evoke feel-good vibes, Melvitto’s bandwagon of fans has followed him in a cult-like manner. Moreso when his synergy with Gabzy, and the power of their partnership, was discovered. It’s been more than two years of being a successful tag team and the pair are still going strong. In the video for one of the standouts of their joint EP, 4 Nothin’, they prove this.

In the Mrmtmmg-directed video, with Melvitto taking a backseat, Gabzy assumes the lead role of the insecure and heartbroken lover who’s on a warpath in his relationship stemming from the uncertainty he sings, albeit sweetly, about in the bouncy single.

Despite a physical separation between the budding industry favorites, the impact of their chemistry is still felt as Melvitto’s instrumentals bounce off the hazy colored walls of the video.


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