Melvitto releases brand new EP “Ovrdose”

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Melvitto Ovrdose

Some songs just want to contribute their quota to the industry and lay to rest peacefully but TikTok usually has other plans. It wasn’t too long ago that TikTok did its thing and brought Melvitto’s 2019 track with Wande Coal Gentility back to the limelight. Coming off the back of that resurgence, Melvitto born Melvin Alli-Owe has released his six-track EP Ovrdose. featuring various artists like Dayor, Gabzy, Oladapo, WANI, Ayo Jay, and Oxlade.

This isn’t the rapper and sound engineer’s first time collaborating with Gabzy and Oxlade. Melvitto has a joint EP with Gabzy called Summers, as well as other singles like Trouble, while he and Oxlade have a 2019 song titled Wait For You. Melvitto’s production on the new EP is distinct. He takes an experimental yet subtle approach on the production for the project and instinctively hits all the right spots with a body of work that screams intentional compilation.

A standout track on the project is Melvitto and Oxlade’s Folasade, although the collaboration isn’t without some controversy as Melvitto has confirmed that Oxlade didn’t sanction the release of the song and it is payback for when Oxlade shot a new video for Wait For You without his permission.

The UK-based producer released his first EP Soon in 2017 and is majorly known for his work as the producer behind Ayo Jay’s Your Number and being the engineer behind Wande Coal & DJ Tunez’s Iskaba. Melvitto’s style is one that’s unusually scintillating and possesses a refreshing diversity from the norm that we’re used to. On Ovrdose, Melvitto gives us an opener Drifting Thru featuring Dayor, the artist speaks to his love interest about getting through difficult times with her by his side, over the vibrant piano chords of the record. With the tongue-in-cheek EP title, Ovrdose is a project that you can’t help but streamed repeatedly.