Despite His Father’s Kidnap, Mikel Fought For Nigeria

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Super Eagles captain, John Mikel Obi had to bear the agony of the news of his father’s kidnap while playing for his country in the crucial world cup game against Argentina.

Mikel’s father, Michael Obi and his driver were abducted at gunpoint on 26 June in Enugu but were released on Monday. Mikel has then urged for improvement in security of the country as he said his experience was “scary” after his father was kidnapped for the second time in seven years.

“For the second time I’ve had to live with the fears of losing my father and it is very scary,

“Today it’s my dad but tomorrow it could be someone else which makes it very scary,” he told the BBC

The former Chelsea’s player continued, “We are seeing a spate of terror attacks in some parts of the country which has already sown insecurity among citizens,” he said.

“It does not matter what your status is in Nigeria, everyone deserves to feel safe and secured, as life becomes more risky than ever.”

Mikel learnt of his father’s kidnap four hours to the Super Eagles match against Argentina but said he did not inform anyone in order not disrupt plans for the crucial World cup game.

He reportedly paid a ransom of 10 million naira for his father’s release whom he said is unhurt and now “recuperating with family”.

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