Moelogo Heralds EP With Reekado Banks Assisted Love Ballad ‘One Time’

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Moelogo sees himself as a sonic sensei. Having spent years filtering in and out of the industry wielding the most pleasing and soothing of sounds as fundamental backdrops to touching stories, he considers himself something like a maestro. It is for this reason he has been paving the way to the final installment of his persona-defining music trilogy, slowly but steadily. The last installment, Me, was very much rooted in his artistry. Now, by all indications of his latest, One Time, I, the upcoming EP, slated for a late July release, is steeped in the same convictions.

The Percussion and Acoustics fettered One Time, featuring Reekado Banks, is a love song that banks on the complementary duo’s soothing vocals, undeniable charm, and ease of delivery. Over a mix of shaky instruments, raw chords, and a captivating Piano intro, a fusion as heady and hedonistic as their heartwarming narrative, Moelogo and Reekado Banks do what they are sure to do best, woo and win over.

Over the years, Moelogo has proven he is truly knowledgeable on matters of the heart. As he moves to use music to define his personality, One Time, as a herald is a great place to start in a long list of paths to take.