The Eazi Sound Foundation: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

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The Eazi Sound Foundation: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

As a result of being in the public light, we often hold celebrities to a higher standard. They have huge platforms so we expect that they should do their bit and speak out on injustices their fans face and often help those who don’t have it as easy going as they do. With an announcement on Twitter today, Mr Eazi is taking advantage of his place and using it as an opportunity to tackle two birds with one stone as he launches the Eazi Sound Foundation.

Claiming that the foundation shall launch on the 1st of August, one can only be excited that the Banku music pioneer wants to go in the same direction Davido suggested he was interested in last week by putting on and helping to develop the next generation of African artists.

The unique twist on Eazi’s venture however, is that he’s making it exclusive to artists who are registered to vote in their various countries and while this is a great idea, it raises some questions.

Will artists who are not yet of the voting age be eligible? What form shall this take, shall Eazi simply give a leg up with a cash influx or is this an institution that will be helping to develop the skill set necessary to take their craft to the next level?

We expect more details to be revealed in the coming months and look forward to this creative method of empowering youth artists and dealing with political apathy.