Music: 19 Facts About Notorious B.I.G

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Today, 9th of March 2016, happens to be the 19th death anniversary of American rapper, Notorious B.I.G who is ranked as one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time.

Here are some interesting facts about Biggie you probably had no idea about

  1. He was born in Brooklyn on May 21, 1972 to Voletta Walace, a Jamaican pre-school teacher while his dad was a welder.
  2. At the age of 17, he dropped out of school and got involved in crime.
  3. ‘Ready to Die’ was the only album Biggie released during in his lifetime.
  4. Biggie developed himself musically while in jail, although he started rapping much earlier.
  5. He had been arrested over three times, by the age of 18, for crimes such as drug dealing, illegal weapon possession and violation of probation.
  6. In 1991 after his release from jail which got him a little buzz back then, he released his first demo tape.
  7. Biggie was featured by Source Magazine on its Unsigned Hype column in 1992, which got the attention of Uptown Records which had as a staff, Sean Combs also known as Diddy.
  8. Bad Boy Records was formed by the duo after Diddy who was then known as Puff Daddy got sacked by Uptown Records.
  9. Before falling out, Biggie and Tupac were close friends who travelled and shared ideas with one another. They however fell apart after a robbery incident which had Tupac being shot 5 times. Tupac later claimed the incident occurred with prior the knowledge of B.I.G and Diddy.
  10. He was married to Faith Evans who is remembered for delivering the hook on the hit single, ‘I ll be missing you’, a tribute to the fallen rapper.

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Continue to Rest in Perfect Peace Biggie!


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