Music Business Academy For Africa Is Returning For The Second Year

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The creative industries in Nigeria have largely been built around the informal. However, Godwin Tom has made it his mission to help offer some fomrality first through his talent management program and then now with Music Business Academy for Africa.

The Music Business Academy(MBA) for Africa is making a comeback with its second iteration. This time, it’s a training program aimed at improving future music industry executives in Africa. The MBA is established by iManage Africa, in collaboration with Music Ally and Dr Carlos Chirinos of the Music Business Department at the New York University. The edition is powered by YouTube Music and the program will be conducted by the Academy’s new program director, Elizabeth Sobowale. 

The program will function between July and November and enlighten students on the various music business trends and technologies. Students will also be provided with firsthand knowledge concerning music releases and marketing with the aim of building viable livelihoods for artists. In addition, students will have the opportunity to discuss with top music industry executives and any department selected from the range of business sectors.

in 2017, MBA launched an internship plan before morphing into a talent management training program and finally, the complete music business education enterprise that debuted in 2021. Last year, students from the group at the launch teamed up with five African artists in a ‘Talent Project’ that led to the release of two EPs and a crowdfunding campaign. As a result of contributions from sponsors, the program reached its 40% goal. Centered on equality and social change, the goal of the project’s ‘Women’s Fund’ is to include not less than 50% of women in the program. 

The enrollment for the 2022 program opens on 11 April and prospective students will find more information and apply to join here. 

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