Nigerian Lives: 4 Nigerians Share The Wildest Experiences With Their Partners

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Every week, Culture Custodian talks to Nigerians who share tidbits about their fascinating lives. This time, we have four people telling us about the craziest experiences they ever had with a partner. Here is what they have to say:

Gbenga, 25

I was dating a girl who schooled six hours away from me. Our relationship had been shaky for months. That particular weekend, I decided to spend it with her. She wasn’t excited to see me and I picked that up but didn’t mind. She told me she was just stressed and would spend the weekend with me. I went to my hotel and expected her to meet me after her Friday class. At about 6 pm, I called but she didn’t pick up. I kept calling until late in the night. She only called back the next morning that she was back in Lagos without giving any explanation. That was the last I heard of her.


Tunji, 28

I was not the best boyfriend, so I’m shocked this happened. My girlfriend at the time would catch me cheating and countless times, I’d deny it. One night, right in the middle of sleep, I felt a hand tap me so hard. I opened my eyes to my girlfriend standing over me with a knife. ‘Did you sleep with Folake?’ I couldn’t answer because it felt like my life depended on my response. I begged her to drop the knife. When she left my house, I broke up with her.


Dami, 27

I had a boyfriend who was so sure we were going to get married. We were in the same university and he had a mentor who would check in on him and constantly provide him with things he needed. After we graduated, we still spoke and constantly fought over the fact that his mentor always came before me. One day, he came with the news that his mentor was going on a trip to London and wanted to take him. I called the lady and thanked her. About three months after they eventually travelled, my boyfriend blocked me on all platforms. I got to find out that they got married Andy add kids together.


 Victoria, 24

I was dating this person I met during NYSC. He would sell me dreams and hopes of how we would get married. He knew how spiritual I was. He was my first ever boyfriend, and we practically lived together. I thought I had found someone until one day, he said he was travelling to the neighbouring state and would be back by the weekend. I was home and going about my business when some scary-looking boys came to knock, asking where he was. Something in my spirit didn’t feel right. I spoke to them and they told me to call him and I did. They said something in another language that I couldn’t comprehend and left immediately. I called my friend, and she told me to leave the house as soon as I could. I later found out that he was the leader of a cult and the people that came to the house were a rival gang. I was so afraid because I didn’t know he was a member of a cult. I thought they would come back to look for me. Until I left the state, I was always looking over my shoulder. I also only went out when it was inevitable.


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