Niniola Returns to RnB Roots on New EP ‘6th Heaven’

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EPs these days are a sure way to keep artistries alive. Short enough to not expend an artist’s energy and resources but, long enough to touch on their abilities than singles can. Almost five months ago, Niniola’s impressive 2020 single run culminated in her fifteen track sophomore album but like a woman on a mission, she returns swiftly with another body of work titled 6th Heaven, even while fans and listeners are still ruminating on standouts like Bana, not just to prove herself to share her passion with the world.

According to the vocal powerhouse, it took her two weeks to birth the EP and she delivers without the shabbiness that accompanies rushed projects. With composure and the fervor that accompanies passion projects, she delivers five tracks hinged on her impressive vocal dexterity. 6th Heaven comes without the need to impress but with comfortability in her abilities and the need to show this off.

Personal favorite, Promise which is accompanied by a heartwarming video finds Niniola in her element, spotlighting her range as a classic RnB singer. Sacrificing profit for passion doesn’t take anything away from Niniola’s ability to deliver across an expanse of sound despite being confined to one theme; Ryde, a potential fan favorite, speaks to this sweeping feature, while others like Baby and titular, 6th Heaven are further allusions to her versatility.

Without a doubt, 6th Heaven is an acoustic rain of emotions and while it is a break from the norm for an artist now famous for her ability to make listeners dance, its a welcome change that reveals the weight of talent our industry plays host to.

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