Niniola to headline EatDrinkFestival this year

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Eat Drink Lagos’ Eat Drink Festival is undoubtedly Nigeria’s premier food festival  and it will make its now traditional December return. However, there’s an added twist this time – the addition of music performances and workshops.

Since its 2015 debut, every successive edition has come with some new developments to make each one more memorable than the last. This year’s edition is sure to leave a lasting impression, as they’ve now included the ultimate Lagos Christmas vibe, with live music sets featuring Niniola, BOJ and Dami Oniru.

Eat.Drink.Lagos and by extension, the festival, started out as a platform to spotlight the best food vendors in Lagos, shifting the paradigm in food culture as we knew it before they emerged. Having successfully dominated this niche, they are now exploring different ways to add complementary elements to this year’s edition of the festival, most notably – live music performances by popular artists.

Speaking on the new addition, the EDL team said: “In the last year, we’ve been sharing weekly playlists on the blog to give our readers a feel of music we listen to and basically establish our vibe. The artist lineup is an extension of that in the same way the festival is an extension of what we are as a food website. We’re huge fans of Niniola so having her as our headliner was a no brainer. Boj and Dami Oniru are another pair that we listen to a lot. We’ve carefully selected our DJs as well so it should be a lot of fun. The same way the festival started out as a way to share our favourite food vendors in Lagos, we’re trying to share the music we listen to with our guests as well.”

Given the choice of musicians, we’re in for an even better time than we’re used to at EatDrinkFestival – while the food still remains the festival’s core, the lineup is sure to entertain guests and create a truly unique festival experience you don’t want to miss out on.

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