Discover Nino, The LA-Based Painter Finding His Artistic Genius In Different Ways

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Art expression oftentimes is realized through single pipelines, but very rarely, we witness individuals who are able to express their inventiveness in multiple ways. LA native, Nino, born as Jordan Downs is one of such artists whose minds are open to multiple forms of exposition. The painter meets music pr and ar has mastered the art of illustrating his experiences in avant-garde ways.

Among other crafts, painting is prime on Nino’s lists of interest and an integral part of the legacy he appears to be building. #RichOffPainting, the hashtag that titles his manifesto and is primarily a campaign based on his art and lifestyle already does more than enough in highlighting the brilliance and ambition that cushions the strong effect of his seeming artistic genius and his portfolio, serves as proof.


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His painting of the likes of some of Hip hop’s greatest, Kid Ink, YG, and the late Nipsey Hussle find Nino at his current mercurial best but it appears he is aiming to dominate other fields. For his music affiliations, Nino dabbles in the ordinary, which is the very common fusion of art and philanthropy, one that is the foundation on which his entertainment company, Bub Entertainment, is based. According to him, “for Bub Ent, that’s something I partnered with to give artists from our community a chance to be heard and properly developed”. This venture allows for him both expand on his growing interest in public relations and artist and repertoire and also, give back to a society that has allowed him to thrive, even as a result of black excellence.

For a painter like him, Nino is amping up reality with his fusion of art-inclined careers. He is enjoying the utopia he creates through his paintings and living vicariously through them with his diversification.

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