Nissi Fashions Feisty Desires From Goth And Color On ‘Move x2’

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In the past year, despite the chaotic state of the world, Nissi managed to assert dominance and re-introduce the world to her sound by way of persona-defining singles including Ignite and Judi. It’s a new year and Nissi is having none of the negative nancies from her past cross over with her. On Move x2, her latest, her desire for self-satisfaction shines brightly even as she dances away from pessimism with the stamina we’ve come to associate with her Afro-centric brand.

One of Nissi’s most recognizable strengths is her ability to spin yards of sounds, stories, and sentiment from little threads of inspiration. With its bubbly and somewhat gothic accompanying video, Move x2 is a product of this strength, dominating the others. The whole shebang is a balancing act as she combines harmony and passion in a colorful but feisty package that captures the essence of her artistry.

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