Nonso Amadi’s Heart is Super Patriotic in “Long Live the Queen”

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With a soft riff on the guitar, Long Live the Queen begins easily as catchy. However, as it develops, a more complex lyrical plot unravels. We get to know that Nonso is opposed to the idea of returning to lost love.

The song uses an intense allegory to explain the love lives of the subjects. The lyrical style remains quite different from what we’re used to in Nigerian music. “Love Live the Queen” generally classifies as electronic but a guitar instrumental – which was almost modern country – the song bares some aesthetic resemblance to Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners – This Girl.

A few seconds into listening, I imagined it’d be a good theme song for a series like Reign since it fit so well into the theme.

Maintaining and even growing a fanbase while testing various genres can be difficult and frankly, quite scary. Despite being different from previous songs like Kwasia featuring Eugy, Nonso Amadi proves each release is worth the listen.

Check out the song below:

Watch the lyric video:




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