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Did you know that there are approximately 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide? Can you imagine all the different ways in which we all use the internet? Obasanjo’s Internet is our interview series where we speak to some of our internet favorites on how they relate to the internet and what it means to them and their work. Today, we’re joined by Chinasa Anukam, comedian and content creator. 

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I take my phone to check the time. I have a personal trainer that comes three times a week and instead of this man having a schedule like a normal person, he prefers to show up based on vibes. He doesn’t text me the time we are going to work out until like 3 am when I’m already asleep. So when I wake up, the first thing I check is if I’ve overslept. Basically, I’m living in bondage. 

How do you use the internet for work or pleasure?

I mean for both but mainly for work these days. Work takes most of the pleasure out because for now, I’m practically doing everything myself because I don’t have a team. 

What moment or episode in your life would you say captured the essence of the internet?

I feel like the early days of the internet were so good because we were just communally having many experiences together. Things like the VMA’s, world cup or even an episode of insecure is airing and we are just live tweeting through it, just infinitely amplifies the enjoyment of the experience. So I just feel like communally shared things, someone taking screenshots from my Instagram and showing my father, #endSARS, and every pop culture event that the internet just makes better, especially Twitter, really captures the essence of the internet to me.

Your favorite social media platform and why?

I would say TikTok because when I discovered TikTok, it was like wow, this is the GOAT app. On TikTok, you can find someone who is a monk and lives in Taiwan or someone who teaches dogs how to speak English. It just feels like the breadth of the human experience is covered on that app. TikTok also takes user feedback very seriously, if you say you don’t like a particular type of content, TikTok makes sure you never see it again. It used to be Twitter in the past, but these days it’s TikTok.

What was the last meme you saved?

Do you remember the first time something you posted went viral? What was it? How did it make you feel?

I think the first thing I posted that went properly viral was either a skit I made about Nigerian airports or a TikTok with Falz where I was like “everyday Bop Daddy Bop Daddy, but are you ready to be a real daddy?” I feel like when you make work that is appreciated on the internet, it feels good but at the same time, you just feel naked in front of everybody because the next thing my friends were calling me and asking if I was dating Falz and I had no idea where that came from. It’s always very weird, but then as a content creator, I’m extremely embarrassed by being perceived but I have to do it for my job and every day I’m fighting with myself like “don’t delete, you’ve already posted it, it’s not a big deal, nobody cares.”

What’s the most outrage you have ever generated over something you posted? How did you react to it?

It’s so funny but this was when I was in uni, I tweeted something about how Francophone countries were still paying colonial tax, then Stormzy retweeted my tweet and the white supremacists found it and were like “this bitch! We built schools and hospitals in Africa and you’re here on the internet complaining” and they dragged me! But then Stormzy retweeted my tweet so I didn’t even care that I was being dragged and he even apologized for “bringing these shitheads to your mentions,” and I was like bring them anytime baby!

I also did a skit on the difference between when people tell African students “you live in Africa, it’s a shit hole” versus when we are applying to college and we are like “yeah, I’m writing this from my village.” Omo, ADOS Twitter found me and said I was stealing opportunities from black people and basically blamed me for Black Americans being unable to go to university. I was like chile, nobody is giving anybody a scholarship just because they claim to be poor. The joke was also not about that, but it flew over your heads because you’re not African and you won’t get it! Even white people dragged me, Africans too, in fact, United Nations dragged me but at the end of the day, everybody will be alright.

What rules do you live by on the internet?

I think authenticity is the most important thing so just always check in with yourself. It’s very easy to slip into performing, not wanting to express yourself because being perceived can be a lot but at the end of the day, you are who you are and you have to always back yourself, ten toes down. Don’t take the internet too seriously and be kind because these days people think it’s cool to be mean on the internet and I find that whack personally. 

What is your guiltiest online pleasure?

Right now, I’m not watching Big Brother but anytime tweets come up on my timeline, I’m like “what did Sheggz do right now?!” So even though I’m not watching it, I’m always slipping in and out every time it comes up on my timeline.

Would you say you have an online persona?

No, I just think that the energy required to craft anything is too much so just be yourself, but kudos to anyone that is doing it sha.

What’s your favorite emoji and why?

I’d say 👀 because whatever you use it instantly becomes spicy. I could say “good morning, 👀” and you’ll immediately start wondering what’s going on. I also like 😭 because that’s my mood all the time, it’s just like “I’m crying.” I just enjoy that it combines laughter and tears. 

YouTube or TikTok? Which do you prefer and why?

I think that’s difficult because I appreciate them both for the same reason, which is that they are global platforms. Someone can watch your video in India, Brazil, Kenya and Australia in the space of ten minutes and I find that amazing and also just extremely empowering for creators. I’m not someone that’s heavy on YouTube, before I started my show Is this Seat Taken, I’d say there were probably three things I watched on YouTube, so I’m not super into Youtube, but I appreciate the platform. I’d say I prefer TikTok in terms of personal use, but professionally, I’d say YouTube.  

Which Nigerian creator do you think the world needs to see and hear more of? 

I’d definitely say, Korty. I love Korty so much and she just does what she does very well. I’d say myself, the world needs to check me out and Elozonam.

Who is the coolest person you follow and the coolest person who follows you? 

The coolest person I follow is Jesus o because it’s him that is buttering my bread so shout out to him! Ayra Starr is actually the coolest person I follow, and the coolest person that follows me is Tems in the future so bookmark this for when she does follow me!

What is your favorite Nigerian podcast?

I actually don’t listen to podcasts weirdly enough, but I would say Submarine And A Roach. I was a guest on their podcast and all of them were just really great!

Have you ever hooked up with someone you met online? 

Never o, honestly. My dating life is just dry, I don’t know again.

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