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Did you know that there are approximately 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide? Can you imagine all the different ways in which we all use the internet? Obasanjo’s Internet is our interview series where we speak to some of our internet favorites on how they relate to the internet and what it means to them and their work. This week, actor, creative, and influencer, Oli Ekun lets us know what he gets up to on Obasanjo’s Internet.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Depends. Either I play music or I lay in silence with my thoughts.

How do you use the internet for work or pleasure?

I create skits/sketches and I’m also a thespian, the internet is very vital for work. Apps like Twitter & Instagram, and YouTube have been really helpful since I started. Other than that, you never know what you’ll see or learn so I’m always consuming lots of information that’s helpful for work or I just store it as random knowledge. It’s also the same approach when I’m using it for pleasure. I can’t lie, I visit some very dark places on the internet for pleasure. Only the KGB can get that information out of me.

What moment or episode in your life would you say captured the essence of the internet?

I think it happened with the first video I posted. I saw how far it went and I kept thinking of the endless possibilities if I made more. It was an eye-opener for me because I realized I could whip my phone out anytime to record something funny and thousands of people will see it. Okay then.

Your favorite social media platform and why?

Twitter tbh. For a quiet person, it’s so beautiful that other people can experience all the “nonsense” that’s in my head and I can also experience theirs. Twitter also lifts my mood, I could be having a terrible day and a funny tweet or video would leave me in tears. You’re never prepared for what you’ll see. It also acts as a major source of information and most importantly, it’s the foundation of my career.

What was the last meme you saved?

Do you remember the first time something you posted went viral? What was it? How did it make you feel?

It was a video I made where I had to recite a tongue twister challenge, I decided to toast the person who tweeted the challenge and it went viral. I was really happy and also surprised cos I was just goofing around and other stuff I had posted before that got little attention.

What’s the most outrage you have ever generated over something you posted? How did you react to it?

I’ve had a lot of moments, I just can’t remember all of them right now. I’ve said a lot of crazy things. I can’t even lie, I don’t even want to speak on some. I’ve said a lot of crazy things mostly stemming from my ignorance and just being wild and young and tweeting every single thing that came to my mind. Back then a lot of words that are quite offensive now weren’t like 12 – 13 years ago. I feel bad about most of them because sometimes it was disrespectful to certain people that fell under that category. 

What rules do you live by on the internet?

No put mouth for wetin no concern you and try to ignore foolishness.

What is your guiltiest online pleasure?

Has to be watching baby videos. They are so cute.

Would you say you have an online persona?

Oh yes, on some days. Àgbà is the online persona.

What’s your favorite emoji and why?

It’s the ♥️ emoji. It just shows the type of loving and caring Yoruba man I am ♥️

Are you particular about your feed?

Not really. Sometimes, I get inspiration from random things.

YouTube or TikTok? Which do you prefer and why?

YouTube. You can learn how to fly a plane in 20mins on YouTube.

Which Nigerian creator do you think the world needs to see and hear more of? 


Who is the coolest person you follow and the coolest person who follows you? 

Has to be @O_yindamola_ for both.

What is your favorite Nigerian podcast?

ISWIS Podcast by that Jola fellow and my beautiful wife, Feyikemi.

Have you ever hooked up with someone you met online? 

Nope, I’m a “We’ll link up when I’m in Lagos” person.

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