Odunsi (The Engine) Is A Sound Deviant On ‘Fuji 5000’

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Odunsi (The Engine) started out as a producer so it’s unsurprising to see how his sound has evolved uniquely and with finesse in the past five years. A product of diverse cultures that have made him something like a new school leader in the industry, he returns this month, topping his earlier released seven-track sound fest, Everything You Heard Is True with Fuji 5000.

For the past couple of months, Odunsi has been developing a new character and it comes to full bloom on Fuji 5000 on which he familiarises us with the sound deviant he has become.

In just two minutes, Odunsi manages to school us on what Afrofusion truly sounds like. His intoxicating mix of the bass elements of Trap Pop and Fuji tinged articulation of a bird’s eye view of his life makes for an almost perfect Afrofusion take.

While it might come off as a lazy attempt to stave off fans who have been clamoring for new music or a desire to be in the spotlight again, Fuji 5000 remains a harmony of parallel influences only one with ears for exquisite sounds like Odunsi can pull off. It’s not every day we come across a mix of Fuji, Trap Pop, and Anime music.