Odunsi’s Wetin Dey/ Better Days are nostalgia inducers

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Away from the release of rare and the early 2019 single, Tipsy, Odunsi has largely kept to himself this year. That ended with the dual drop of Wetin Dey and Better Days last week. This week, comes the visual treatment for the two singles, in the form of a single, double sided video.

The first half of the video pays homage to Nelly, Will Smith’s classic Fresh Prince of Bel Air and also features a sample of “Wetin Dey“, the classic record performed by Ruff Rugged & Raw. This lends itself to creating a video with an unmistakably fun vibe. Speaking to Fader, he said ” I wanted to express the youth in Lagos going out and having fun. I was inspired by the Will Smith ‘Summertime’ video. I always wanted to recreate that.”

The Better Days half is of a noir-ish variation. Shot in blood-red light, the song features a vintage Benz driving through the streets of Lagos and an appearance from Wani who delivers an enjoyable verse.

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