Ogranya And Tchella Draw Us Into Their Neck Of The Woods On Sacred Forest

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There are fewer things in the Nigerian music industry at the moment more commendable than Ogranya’s trajectory. Week after week, the singer has gradually earned the soul whisperer title with his slew of soul-searing offerings. It’s yet another Friday and he attempts to meander his way to the crevices of our mind on Sacred Forest, a signature single that wears its title like the perfect dress.

As is the norm, Ogranya pours into a dense chord and keys fusion fronting his silky vocals as his weapon of expression. The ambiance, just like the title and cover art is dark but not dreary, intoxicating but not poisonous, and above everything, immersive. He is joined by Tchella, whose harmonies with Ogranya give the single its blankety finish.

In barely three minutes, Ogranya and Tchella take us on a journey into their neck of the woods in a manner that suggests it’s a familiar environment.

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