Ogranya Is As Cryptic As He’s Emotive On ‘Rendezvous’

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It’s hard to keep up with Ogranya these days, not just because of his lengthy single run but mostly because of the weight of these singles, each power-packed with emotions, harmonies, and just enough soul in the lyrics to be embedded in the mind of his listeners. Almost as unfathomable as his resilience is the breadth of his talent, it’s just as hard to envision this gift that keeps giving. This week, his gift to us is Rendezvous.

As the name suggests, Rendezvous is a sultry cut with the secrecy Ogranya sings about tucked in its corners. Against synthesized percussions punctuated by heavy drums, he monologues switching between genres of music that hold his narrative down.

Better watch your step, I don’t trust myself” a line that colors the chorus is akin to the feelings of his listeners in regards to the apex of this journey he’s been on since the year began.

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