Ogranya Explores The Weight Of Love On Show Dem Camp Assisted ‘Gbese’

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Complementary partnerships between musicians in the industry are not sustainable. Unlike duos like Sarz and Niniola, Loti and KD, or Laime and PsychoYP, artists hardly make their way back to one another after doing justice to a collaborative effort. However, the eclectic trio of Show Dem Camp and Ogranya seem to be giving this phenomenon a new meaning. Following the latter’s mesmeric contribution on a track off the rap duo’s last project, he recruits them on Gbese, the latest addition to his lengthy but laudable Project 52 list.

In a way that heightens their harmony, Ogranya adopts a fast pace in his delivery on the Ayokunle Awonuga produced single, narrating his tale of woes in a rhythmic measure that makes the passage of his verse into Tek of Show Dem Camps’, seamless and impressive, before reverting to the norm and drawing listeners in, in his usual drawl that eventually fades out with the bass punctuated instrumental.

More than anything, the group’s virtuosic integration on Gbese, affords it heavier weight than the majority of the singles released in Ogranya’s journey to sonic supremacy.

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