Arusha and Lagos Meet in Joh Makini and Davido’s Kata Leta Video

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Watch Arusha and Lagos Meet in Joh Makini and Davido's Kata Leta Video

Tanzanian hip hop act, Joh Makini shows up on our radar for the first time with the video for Kata Leta with Davido which was shot in Johannesburg earlier in the year. Makini manages to get Davido singing in Swahili for the most part while at other points he sounds like he might be singing in Yoruba. Then again, maybe there are similarities between both languages.

The collaboration is a strategic one for both acts as we see Davido tap into the large Swahili speaking population while Makini also enters the Nigerian eye. The video for the record takes the form of a lingerie party with two men present and we see the female subjects present show off their sexuality and have an all-round good time.

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