Olù Goes Back To Basics With Soulful Seven-Track EP ‘Feels’

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Since the release of her last EP, Language in late 2018, Olù took some time away from music to settle down and focus on her personal life, and now, almost two years later, she is ready and excited to share herself with the world again with the release of Feels.

Feels is Olù’s energetic expression of what reality has been to her throughout her life; transforming from a little girl to a grown woman and being able to communicate these expressions gracefully through the language of music.

According to her, the seven-track EP is also about freedom. She says,

“Coming from a family with rigid rules, opinions, and traditions, this project gave me an opportunity to feel what reality is to me, to decipher the codes, and come to my own realizations. There is so much healing that has come with being able to ask the questions that no one wants to ask, with being able to tap into the authenticity of what your soul brings into the world.”

With the lead single, God Save the Queen already released last week as a surprise gift, Olù, with this body of work, is set to make listeners fall in love with her, if they have not already.

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