Oma Mahmud and Lady Donli’s Jalo speaks to Nigeria’s Brain Drain

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Oma Mahmud and Lady Donli was a combination we deserved until we heard their collaboration Jalo. Mahmud’s eclectic taste is something that has stood at the fore on his previous releases speaking to an exposed music mind. On Jalo, his rockstar persona takes control as we find him reflecting on the state of the country and taking us a chapter ahead from Naira Marley’s Japa. Jalo which translates to “Let’s go” in Yoruba speaks to the spirit of brain drain currently spreading across the country as poor economic conditions and an extortionate government leave a subset of people looking for pastures anew in most prominently, Canada and countries with friendly borders in the West. However, instead of  taking the easy route, Mahmud seeks to stir the listener by calling us into action.


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