Oma Mahmud’s Latest Single ‘Jaiye’ Is An Acoustic Rain Of Facts And Feelings

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More than the fine way he portrays experimentalism in the form of organic sounds on his songs, Oma Mahmud‘s penchant for social commentary is the peculiar part of his artistry that makes him stand out. In the past, he has lent his platform to the amplification of just causes and as expected, as things heat up this season, he attempts to be a light in the midst of darkness with his single, Jaiye, an acoustic rain of facts and feelings that preaches the importance of self-love in the presence of chaos.

An encompassment of his many talents including exquisite production, fine songwriting, and crisp sound engineering, which spotlights his diversity in the same vein, Jaiye while heavy on acoustics and bordering on Rock, is highly reminiscent of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s world-famous articulation of Nigeria’s problems that Oma Mahmud attempts to tackle with self-love as opposed to war.